Meditation is the foundation
of our yogic practices and traditions

Our philosophy is to unite body and mind to create a complete practice
that can lead you to a new way to interact with the world around you.
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Classes centered around mindfulness

From total novice to experienced practitioners, our class schedule has something for every level

Experienced instructors
from all over the world

Our friendly teaching staff have studied in over 20 countries to gain the knowledge that makes them able to create a world class yoga studio

Learn to meditate
for today and for life

For some, meditation may be a way to stay calm, sleep better, or be a kinder person. But the practice of Vipassana meditation is so much more

Guest Instructors and speakers

Our studio is proud to offer special one off classes and events.
From martial arts to mindful journaling, we are always bringing you unique class options.

  • "In over 10 years of taking classes in multiple cities, I can say that vipassana studio is one in a million. It's taken my practice farther than I ever thought possible."
    - Andres, Littleton

  • "I was always curious about the benefits of meditation, but a friend brought me to a vipassana class and I was hooked immediately. Learning the practice of mindfulness has changed my world in more ways than I can count."
    - Sara, Denver

  • "I've wanted to start going to yoga for years, but figured I was too old and out of shape. I was so nervous for my first class, but Anna (the instructor) was so great at making me feel welcome and able to participate at my own pace. After 5 months, I feel 15 years younger, and so grateful to have found Vipassana."
    - Jessica, Denver

  • "Naomi is an amazing teacher. She always has a positive attitude and shows me how to modify my poses so I can participate in every class. I always tell my friends about her, and about the studio. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone."
    - Maria, Glendale

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